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Limbitless Solutions’ mission is to empower confidence and increase accessibility in the limb difference community through art-infused bionics.

Our team combines engineering and art to promote access and engagement in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) education for a more inclusive future.

Donor contributions support bionic kids in clinical trials, the design and creation of our bionic arms, research and development, and our undergraduate internship program. Make an impact and support our mission by donating today!

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Our donations are collected through and secured by the UCF Foundation

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Our Bionic Arms

At Limbitless Solutions, we believe the families of children with limb difference should not have to pay to receive an arm, a goal that can not be achieved without contributions from our generous donors.

Donations can provide materials used in the printing, assembly, and painting processes for the bionic kids’ arms or fully support one child’s participation in clinical trials, including travel, occupational therapy, and additional trial-related costs.

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Our Team

Through the Limbitless Scholars Program and senior-level student assistant positions, undergraduate students at the University of Central Florida are given the opportunity as team members for cross-collaboration through project-based learning.

Donations support semester internship positions and the professional development of a variety of students.

Research and Development

Donations to Limbitless Solutions support the improvement and advancement of the capabilities and functionality of our bionic arms, wheelchairs, video games, and other accessibility projects. Donations can support our team’s access to equipment including computers, advanced software, and high quality 3D-printers.

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The 3D-printers used at the Limbitless lab to create the bionic arms
A group of students attending a workshop at Limbitless

Support of STEAM Education

In addition to our expressive 3D bionics, Limbitless Solutions strives to empower confidence in youth through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) education.

Donations support in-lab camps for middle and high school students to educate young minds about accessibility and inclusivity issues, collaboration across disciplines, and show how STEAM education can be used to innovate and benefit the community.

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Our bionic family

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