Our Bionic Family

Each child who receives a bionic arm becomes a part of our Limbitless family.
Our bionic kids and their families are always the core of our mission.


We have delivered 40 arms to 36 bionic kids and teens.

We could not have done it without the generous support of our donors and followers! Each bionic arm has a lasting impact on the recipient.

Their personalized bionic arm transforms everyday life and instills in them the confidence to help other kids in the limb difference community. Our bionic kids have helped us change the conversation surrounding limb difference and carry out our message of inclusivity.

If you or your child have a limb difference and are interested in being considered for a clinical trial, submit your information on the trial page.


Support Limbitless’ mission to create and spread #3DHope, from our Bionic Kids to our student team.


Our Favorite Bionic Moments

Check out some of our favorite moments with our bionic kids and their families that we’ve had through the years.


Anni meets Bill and Melinda Gates

The Gates Foundation stop by for a tour at Limbitless.


Alex and Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. delivers the Iron Man bionic arm to Alex.


Wyatt and Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group deliver Wyatt's new bionic arm


Anni and Winter the Dolphin

Winter the Dolphin helps deliver Annika's new bionic arm


Julianna and UCF Cheer

Julianna goes on to the field to cheer with UCF cheerleaders.

Limbitless' new Halo arm
Limbitless releases Halo Sleeves

"Halo developer 343 Industries and Limbitless Solutions have announced a collaboration to provide a new Halo-themed, 3D-printed prosthetic arm for 'young heroes who – like the Master Chief himself – also routinely and...'"

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Limbitless' new Legue of Legends Arms
Limbitless releases League of Legends Sleeves

"Twice per year Rioters around the world press pause on their normal work for two days to pursue passion projects during Thunderdome. Projects range from League of Legends themed mini-games, tabletop games, and..."

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Bionic kid Anni trinyg on her new arm
Bill and Melinda Gates visit Limbitless Solutions

"From pitching a fastball to painting a masterpiece, the human arm is amazing in terms of all the things it can do. But I had a new appreciation for what an incredible feat of engineering—and art—the arm is when I visited..."

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Bionic kids Alex and Wyatt shaking hands
12 Arms for Christmas Delivery Launch

"In his latest effort to bring bionic arms to children who need them, Limbitless Solutions founder Albert Manero announced Thursday that his nonprofit organization will create and deliver arms for 12 children..."

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Bionic kids Anni and Wyattt posing with UCF football star Shaquem Griffin
Our bionic kids cheer on Shaquem Griffin

"Football fans who tuned into ESPN’s broadcast of the Seattle Seahawks’ Monday Night Football matchup against the Chicago Bears were treated to a UCF-heavy night thanks to a special pregame feature on..."

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Bionic kid Anni touching Winter, the amazing dolphin with a prosthetic tail
Anni and Winter the Dolphin Delivery

"Annika “Anni” Emmert arrived from California this week expecting to pick up her 3-D printed arm made by University of Central Florida students. She had no idea the students had engineered an extra-special delivery..."

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Bionic kid Wyatt trying on his bionic arm with the Blue Man Group
Blue Man Group deliver Wyatt’s Bionic Arm

"3D printing has led the way for changing the world in numerous unexpected ways, paving the way for transformations in many sectors via the versatility, creativity, and affordability made possible by the..."

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Bionic adult Shaholly walking the catwalk at New York Fashion Week
Shaholly Ayers walks for New York Fashion Week

"Known as one of the premier fashion events in the entire world, New York Fashion Week is a citywide celebration of the most innovative and disruptive fashion designers in the industry. Over the last few years, the runway has..."

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What are people saying about Limbitless?

Reviewer Zachary

“A few years ago I met Albert Manero and his team from Limbitless Solutions at UCF. They had developed 3D-printed arms for some kids and one just for me. They also designed one after my favorite superhero, Spider-Man, look how cool it is! I started throwing water bottles around the lab and shaking hands with my new arm. I even found out I could pick up little things like an orange or a bad guy for Spider-Man to capture. Now I could even ride my bike without my back getting sore. I also noticed that people stopped asking me ‘What happened to your arm?’ and started asking me ‘Where did I get my cool arm?’ I'm so thankful for this gift.”

- Zachary Pamboukas, Bionic Kid

Reviewer Annika

“[My Bionic Arm is] kind of like a Hawaiian-ish kind of deal I was going for and I just think it's really pretty. I can wear it outside and a lot of people will stare at me and like it won't be like, ‘What is that…?’, or they'll be like, ‘Oh my gosh, it's so pretty!’ kind of thing or ‘Where'd you get it?’ and ‘Where can I get one?’"

- Annika Emmert, Bionic Kid

Reviewer Shaholly

“I am so grateful for my fashionable and functional 3D prosthetic. This is the lightest, most easily maneuverable prosthesis I've ever had; no to mention the most stylish! If you have struggled with other designs, try this one! You'll love it.”

- Shaholly Ayers, Bionic Adult, Fashion Model

Reviewer Niko

“The team at Limbitless Solutions are amazing people. Very responsive, take immense pride in their work and product, and appreciate their ability impact to a child's life and this industry.”

- Niko Pamboukas, Father of Bionic Kid Zachary Pamboukas

Reviewer Rishi

“I enjoyed the atmosphere and sense of family within the company. Everyone is ready to help you and you learn a lot.”

- Rishi Basdeo, Engineering Student Scholar Intern

Reviewer Gary

“Amazing team!! Amazing mission!! Big thumbs up to everything you guys are doing!!!”

- Gary Zhou, Dedicated Limbitless Donor and Supporter

Reviewer Derek

“I loved being able to contribute to an amazing mission that tries to make the world more accessible for others. I had an amazing experience that I wish could have been longer. [The people there are] all very kind and dedicated to the good work that they're doing. Additionally, there is much they can teach you along the way.”

- Derek Bailey, Former Game Design Intern

Reviewer Danielle

“I loved how we were able to infuse all different majors and learn little bits of each one while still concentrating on our own work.”

- Danielle Garsten, Former Engineering Intern