Creative, Personalized, Empowering Bionics

Limbitless Solutions is dedicated to empowering individuals with accessibility limitations.

Limbitless specializes in the design, development, and delivery of personalized, creative, and expressive prosthetic arms for children and adults. The bionics use electromyographic (EMG) technology to perform multi-gesture functions.


Update: Limbitless Solutions is expanding its mission to now support adults. Continue reading to learn more.

Fun Meets Function

Empowered through control

Through non-invasive electromyography (EMG) technology, Limbitless creates a prosthesis that is lighter and less expensive than traditionally available - at no cost to the user. The arms are lightweight, easy to use, and have multiple functions and gestures.

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Bionic Arms
for Children

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Bionic Arms
for Adults

The perfect bionic arm for every bionic kid

Each bionic arm we create is a reflection of a bionic kid’s personality

We work closely with each child and their families, combining art and engineering to make an arm personalized to them. We hope to empower each bionic kid through these expressive bionics.

Limbitless distributes bionic arms through the clinical trials process. Read more and view available clinical trials:

Clinical Trials

The Limbitless Empowerment Classes

Every bionic kid has a story. Every arm we create at Limbitless Solutions has a story as well.
Interchangeable sleeve designs promote infinite possibilities through our four empowerment classes. Bionic kid or not, there is an empowerment class for everyone.

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The Warrior Arm Class


The “warrior” class represents victory within an individual. The rich designs seen throughout this class reflect the elements of boldness and braveness.

The Ethereal Arm Class


The “ethereal” class represents freedom within an individual. The lighter designs seen throughout this class reflect the elements of beauty and grace.

The Shadow Arm Class


The “shadow” class represents awareness within an individual. The sleek designs seen throughout this class reflect uncontained, mysterious ideas in life.

The Serenity Arm Class


The “serenity” class represents tranquility within an individual. The calming designs seen throughout this class represent poise and peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of limb difference can a child have to get a bionic arm?


Do you create hands or individual fingers only?


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Apply to be considered for a clinical trial to receive a bionic arm. Submit your information to the clinical trials website

Clinical Trials

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