What We Do

Limbitless Solutions is dedicated to empowering confidence in individuals with accessibility limitations. We create personalized, creative, and expressive 3D-printed prosthetics for children with limb differences using electromyographic (EMG) technology.

We also create fun and immersive video games to help our bionic kids adapt to their new prosthetic. The video games use the arm’s EMG technology as a controller to help the children gain comfort and skill using their bionic device . Our goal is to make the world a more inclusive and accessible place.

Each bionic arm we create is a reflection of a bionic kid’s personality. We work closely with each child and their families, combining art and engineering to make an arm personalized to them. We hope to empower confidence in each bionic kid through these expressive bionics.

An image of our 3D-printers that are used to print our bionic arms with ABS plastic.


Since our arms are 3D-printed with ABS plastic, we produce them at a much lower cost than other prosthetics in the medical market. This low production cost enables us to provide more access to arms to more Bionic Kids and their families, preferably at no-cost.

Bionic kid alex riding his bike while using his bionic arm to hold both handle bars


Through non-invasive EMG technology, we are able to create a prosthetic that is lighter and less expensive than traditionally available. Our arms are lightweight, easy to use, and have multiple functions and gestures.

Three different Limbitless arms from our different arm classes that showcase the personality that can be put into the arms.


Our goal is for the sleeve design of each bionic arm to be unique to the Bionic Kid. The sleeves on our 3D-printed prosthetics reflect the personalities, interests, and goals of our Bionic Kids, and we collaborate with them during the design process. Our goal is to create an arm that inspires confidence in the child wearing it.

Every bionic kid has a story. Every arm we create at Limbitless Solutions has a story as well. Interchangeable sleeve designs promote infinite possibilities through our four empowerment classes. Bionic kid or not, there is an empowerment class for everyone.
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The Warrior Arm Class


The “warrior” class represents victory within an individual. The rich designs seen throughout this class reflect the elements of boldness and braveness.

The Ethereal Arm Class


The “ethereal” class represents freedom within an individual. The lighter designs seen throughout this class reflect the elements of beauty and grace.

The Shadow Arm Class


The “shadow” class represents awareness within an individual. The sleek designs seen throughout this class reflect uncontained, mysterious ideas in life.

The Serenity Arm Class


The “serenity” class represents tranquility within an individual. The calming designs seen throughout this class represent poise and peace.

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In May 2018, Limbitless Solutions announced its first clinical trial with Oregon Health & Science University. These clinical trials mark the first 3D-printed prosthetics trial for children in the United States. The trials will focus on 20 children, ages 6-17, who will receive a Limbitless arm. If you or your child are interested in participating in any clinical trial now or in the future, our preliminary applications are now open!

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