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Each semester we work with undergraduate students at the University of Central Florida from a variety of majors.

Limbitless welcomes undergraduate students from a variety of majors - for a multi-semester experience. This unique opportunity engages students from multiple disciplines to collaborate to advance Limbitless' mission. The goal is to nurture the professional development of scholars through interdisciplinary work and project-based learning.
From engineering, art, game design to public relations and administration, there are a variety of disciplines available.
Positions and interviews will be IN PERSON at our Research Park facility located at 12703 Research Parkway, Suite 100, Orlando, Florida 32826.
Location is accessible via the UCF Shuttle Stop #11 on Route 9.
Applications are closed for Fall 2024.
Check back later this year for Spring 2025 applications.

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Arts & Design, Biomed & Health, Sciences, Programming, Games, PR & Media, Engineering, and more

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The benefits of being a Limbitless Scholar

The Scholars Program offers a unique interdisciplinary experience at UCF. Students will not only develop and execute skills within their majors, but expand and grow in other areas. Scholars get exposure to:

Participatory, Hands-on Experience

Project and Accessibility Design

Professional Development and Training

Scholar positions include:

The Limbitless Assistant Scholar position is designed for undergraduate, entry-level interns (typically freshman to junior students) from any major who want to advance their skills and experience within their respective fields of interest.
Assistant scholars work on special projects and are mentored by associate scholars and full-time staff in an environment of collaborative and creative learning, while helping advance our overall mission, and expanding on their own professional development.
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The Limbitless Associate Scholar position is designed for senior-level or experienced students (typically junior, senior or higher-level students).
Associate scholars are typically more experienced, either with at least one semester of previous participation at Limbitless or with prior applicable experience or internships. Associate scholars practice leadership through mentoring assistant scholars on the Limbitless brand and introducing them to the context and skills necessary to work on current projects, while continuing to use and hone their own skills and tackle more complex challenges.
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How to Apply:



Login to your Handshake account through UCF to navigate to our page and view details about our organization and opportunities


Once you complete the login process, you will automatically be redirected to Limbitless Solutions' profile page.

Scroll down to find the "Jobs at Limbitless Solutions" section in the right sidebar to view the current available positions at Limbitless.



Once you find a position, view the details for the position as well as any applicable prerequisites. Your Handshake profile must be complete with the necessary documents, such as resume and cover letter, to apply. Please note some positions may have additional submission requirements, such as portfolios.

Summer 2024 Team Breakdown

Click each team name or icon to learn more about what each team does at Limbitless.

Assistant and Associate Scholar pathways may include the following areas:

Web Design Team

The Web Design team focuses on user interface and user experience design to maintain, update, and create Limbitless frontend, backend, and clinical trial websites and apps.

Game Design Team

The Game Design team focuses on creating visuals and programming video games to help train the bionic kids to use their arms.

Finishing Team

The Finishing team is a technical and artistic team that is responsible for surface preparation and painting the bionic arm parts and sleeve covers. The finishing team mainly uses automotive airbrush techniques.

OPAL/Advocacy Team

The OPAL/Advocacy team is responsible for advocating for the Limbitless Solutions brand, managing social media, content creation, and outreach.

Electrical Engineering Team

The Electrical Engineering team creates and manages the electrical systems that allow the bionic arms to function.

Manufacturing Team

The Manufacturing team is responsible for running machinery used to produce parts for the bionic arms.

Computer Science Team

The Computer Science team is focused on developing the back-end programming that supports Limbitless Solutions' technology, systems, and functionality.

Production Team

The Production team is responsible for assembling, repairing, and testing the bionic arms.

Research and Development Team

The Technology Research and Development team designs and develops improvements and advancements in mechanical and electric components through computer-aided design.

Research Team

The Research team focuses on developing clinical research skills for working in a clinical research environment. The research team focuses on technical writing and data visualization.

Digital Design Team

The Digital Design team works toward implementing a visual language and consistent branding for Limbitless Solutions through digital illustration, graphic design, print design, and 3d modeling.

Colleges Represented at Limbitless Solutions:

Frequently Asked Questions

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What positions are offered?


Limbitless offers a variety of internship positions, including:

  • Studio/Fine Art
  • Electrical/Computer Engineering
  • Game Design
  • Outreach, Projects, Advocacy, Logistics
  • PR and Media
  • Graphic Design and Illustration
  • Digital Art
  • Research
  • Mechanical Engineering

Can I apply for both positions?


Yes, you can!
Students are encouraged to apply for one or both positions. We're proud to offer an internship program with a focus on professional development at all levels.

What do I need to apply?


Required application components:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter

Recommended application components:

  • Portfolio or work sample
  • Letter of Recommendation

How do I apply?


Applications are only accepted through Handshake.

You'll find posts for both Assistant and Associate Scholars, as well as descriptions for teams.