Our Clinical Trials

One of Limitless' founders John talking to Dr. Chi from Oregon Health Sciences University

In May 2018, Limbitless Solutions announced its first clinical trial with Oregon Health & Science University. These clinical trials mark the first 3D-printed prosthetics trial for children in the United States. The trials will focus on 20 children, ages 6-17, who will receive a Limbitless arm. We will track their progress with the prosthetic over one year.

The clinical trials will be used for Food and Drug Administration approval of arms for market clearance and possible insurance coverage.

Submit your information to be considered for clinical trials

Visit our trials account page to setup an account and submit your information for consideration. Any updates on your account and trial status can be found there.


Make an account

To get started, navigate to the “sign-up” tab on the homepage of trials.limbitless-solutions.org and fill out the form. Once you accept our terms and conditions and privacy policy, you will start the setup and verification processes.

Once you’ve successfully, a page will display to inform you a verification email has been sent to the email address provided. To finish setting up your account, you must verify your email address. Check the email account you entered in the previous form for the verification email, and follow the instructions listed in the message.

Screenshot of Clinical Trials Homepage on the Sign up tab
Screenshot of clinical trials preliminary application

Fill out forms

Once you’ve verified your email address, return to the trials.limbitless-solutions.org homepage and login with your email and password.

Next, fill out the appropriate forms needed to be eligible for consideration in a clinical trial.

Accuracy is important when completing the questions. You are able to preview and edit information before final submission. Once everything is completed and the information is reviewed for accuracy, click “Confirm” to officially submit your information.

Set up a profile

Once your information is officially submitted, you will taken to your personal account page. Your account will contain your personal and contact information, and any devices you recieve if you are eligible and accepted for a clinical trial, as well as status tracking for various clinical trials processes.

The top right side of the navigation bar will also have the button that links back to your submitted form. You can update your information and resubmit until the trial deadline.

The contact information provided will be the method used to contact you and send updates on the clinical trial process. Please check back periodically to update your information with any changes.

Screenshot of clinical trials home page showing an example profile
Screenshot of clinical trials home page showing an example profile with red boxes highlighting clinical trial status, profile information, and the edit application button

Check for updates

Be sure to check your account to view notifications, view your status, update information, or submit new information to ensure your account stays active.

You will also receive email updates to the email address associated with your account if any additional information is required or for important updates about your trial status.


All information in your forms and your profile must be valid and up to date by the specified deadlines for your submission to be considered for an available clinical trial.

If we are unable to contact you, your information is incorrect, or your forms are not completed, you may not be considered for the clinical trial and your account may be deleted.

We want to ensure a potential participant in a clinical trial is not disqualified due to missing or inaccurate information.

We appreciate your cooperation.

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