Empowering Children,

Personalizing Bionics

We are Limbitless: A non-profit organization dedicated to providing children with 3D-printed bionic limbs at affordable costs.


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Change Alex Pring’s Life

Make A Difference

This is a big mission – We can’t do it alone.

Join the cause, and help give children everywhere a hand today.

Challenging The Status Quo

Seven year old Alex Pring was born in Groveland, Florida without most of his right arm. Before we met in July 2014, Alex performed daily activities by making use of his left hand and his mom’s assistance. Questions such as “Have you been bitten by a shark, or was it an alligator?” used to be part of Alex’s daily routine. However, unfriendly comments and jokes from other children never took away Alex’s optimism. The world’s number one Transformers fan would not quit dreaming, and we innovated his dreams into reality…

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Describe Limbitless’ Impact

A New (3D) Hope

A New (3D) Hope

At the World Government Summit, Albert Manero of Limbitless Solutions told the audience that “together we are going to make a brighter future”. The entire Limbitless Solutions team works countless hours to bring that future closer to today’s reality. When art and engineering collide, it truly creates something beautiful. Through telling the story of #3DHope, the Limbitless team aims to democratize prosthetics, challenge the status quo, and remind children with disabilities that they will always belong.

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