Meet Wyatt

Wyatt is one of thousands of children in the US who are born without part of his arm, but this has never dampened his enthusiasm. Wyatt’s biggest dream has always been to become a movie producer. A goal he has actively been working on making a reality. Wyatt raised the bar even further by joining the Disney Jr. Production of “Peter Pan”.

The road to communication has not been easy. Growing up, Wyatt was not able to speak. At first, he could only communicate by using PEC (Picture Exchange Communication) and one-handed sign language. At the age of 4 he was diagnosed with autism. It took Wyatt three more years to start stringing together words aloud. Meanwhile, for Cynthia and Jim the challenges of continuous therapy and repeated doctor visits were running high. Looking for alternatives that better fit their situation, the Falardeaus found out about Limbitless Solutions through a family friend. Once Wyatt saw Alex Pring’s 3D printed bionic arm, he was hooked.

Wyatt’s arm was delivered by his favorite heroes—the Blue Man Group. His excitement ran high as he took a back stage tour of the stage. Since having his bionic arm, Wyatt has continued to advance in his school work and confidence on the stage. Albert shared, “For us, seeing him be so confident is the best thing we can imagine. It is a joy to work with kids like Wyatt, and we cannot wait to see what he dreams up next.”

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