Imagine a world where bionic arms are no less common than glasses or braces, and children are taught that science is a tool to help make a better world. That is what Limbitless Solutions is all about — Let’s change the world, together. Our stories are more than a headline – they’re the beginning of a child rediscovering themselves.


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Some of our life-changing stories were caught on video. Experience the difference that your donations make below.

Anni & Winter the Dolphin

Anni is an incredible kid who supports special need students at her elementary school. When Limbitless heard her story, we wanted to help. With the help of Winter the Dolphin, Anni received her new bionic arm — and joined the Limbitless family! When asked why she related to Winter so much she told us “Because everyone is missing something…” Cheer Anni on!

Wyatt & Blue Man Group

Wyatt is an exceptional kid who aspires to be a director when he grows up. When we found out that he loves Blue Man Group, we wanted him to get a backstage tour. What happened blue everyone away! Together we are learning to live in full color. Here’s Wyatt’s story: director’s cut.

Alex & Iron Man

Meet Alex “Iron” Pring. Alex is the first recipient of the Limbitless Solutions arm and was due for an upgrade with some new bionics. We told him there was another bionics expert who wanted to give his input, and when he met “Robert” the whole world heard his story! Watch the clip that brought the world the new 3D Hope!


Our photo gallery is full of wonderful times, where we’ve had the opportunity to build a better future. Experience the difference that your donations make below.


Katie leads photography and creative efforts at Limbitless Solutions. Owner of Kt Crabb Photography, she uses her 8 years of lifestyle photography experience to play a key factor in capturing life changing moments for those receiving and involved in any Limbitless Solutions’ project. Tyler Pierce of Soaring Wings Media and Alyssa Marie of Alyssa Marie Art & Photography help capture the incredible moments we share with you!


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