Games For Accessibility

Education through gaming – accessible for everyone.

Immersive, Engaging and Fun

Our UCF School of Visual Arts & Design (SVAD) game design students have been working under SVAD Professors Matt Dombrowski, Peter Smith, and Ryan Buyssens to create fun, creative, and immersive games tailored to train our Bionic Kids adapt to their 3D printed arms more efficiently.

Games for Training

Creativity Through Gaming

Supporting Inclusive and Accessible Gaming

The custom video game controllers have been created to utilize the same EMG input that is used to operate the prosthetic arms. For years, traditional controllers have not fully considered disabled user-experience, but here at Limbitless, we are changing that conversation and creating a new reality for not only our Bionic Kids, but many others in the same situation. Inclusive gaming not only trains our Bionic Kids, but empowers through creativity.

Our Games

Smash Bro

Play as Bash or Debris and save the Earth from the evil Galacdorks!

Magical Savior of Friends

Learn and master new elements as you defeat Sir Sneklesworth and save your froggy friends!

Cartoon dog in space

Tootin’ Pooches

Play as farting dogs in space and bring the ball back to your house!

Girl Playing video game on laptop
Boy playing video game with onlookers
Young man over the shoulder shot playing

The Benefits

EMG Sensors = Accessible

We have created and adapted our game controllers to use the same technology that powers the functioning of our arms.  EMG sensors pick up when the user flexes, and depending on various flex patterns, this will allow the user to perform various controls: from running to jumping to using their superpowers!

Levels and Achievements for Effective Training

Our games have included a leveling system that corresponds to different hand gestures.  As a player goes along through the games, they will level up to perform different moves by including different flex patterns (mimicking various hand gestures that occur in the arm).  After long enough continuation, players will naturally start to learn various flex patterns for the arm effortlessly through our games!

Learning Becomes Immersive and Fun

Training and learning has never been so fun! Trying to teach people, especially children, in an efficient and engaging way can be quite the challenge.  Disguising this training through the immersion of a good video game has been extremely effective: our Bionic Kids cannot get enough of these games!

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