The Bionic Kid Comic

The Comic Book Based On Zachary And Christo’s Imaginative “8-Bit World”

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Zachary, Christo, Niko and Rachael

The Possibilities Are Limbitless

There are times when people judge others without getting to know them. They might even assume limitations based on their perceptions.

Unfortunately, our Bionic Kid Zachary has had to go through that: people thought he was different and assumed he couldn’t do certain things because he was born with part of his right hand missing.

Instead of letting these incidents put him down, Zachary and his older brother Christo have turned these situations into a positive and powerful story filled with imagination and endless possibilities!

Transforming Imagination Into Reality

University of Central Florida student artists from our creative team here at Limbitless, as well as assistance from Professors at the UCF School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD), have been working together to transform Zachary and Christo’s “Bionic Kid” story into a full-length comic book series.

We are excited to announce the release of the first issue, The Bionic Kid: Bionic Beginnings. Proceeds will go to supporting those with limb difference.

Our artists worked directly with Zachary and Christo’s sketches to develop the final comic characters.

(Trash on the left and Mash on the Right)

Here is a little peak into our Bionic World!

Step Into The 8-Bit World

The Story

After an accident causes our characters to lose consciousness from electrocution, they emerge again equipped with superpowers. The Bionic Kid comic’s story follows Zachary as he competes in the 8-Bit World Finals to defeat the bully Norman playing the accessible video game Bash Bro. The Bionic Kid (Zachary) teams up with his older brother Christo and Limbitless Solutions Albert to defeat Aquarius (Norman) and save the day!

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