About Limbitless

Limbitless Solutions is a non-profit organization and direct support organization for the University of Central Florida (UCF).

Founded in 2014 by then UCF students, the team is dedicated to empowering children in the limb difference community. Limbitless creates personalized, creative, and expressive 3D-printed bionic arms and believes that no family should be financially burdened because their child has a limb difference.

Limbitless Solutions’ three main projects- bionic arms, the Project Xavier hands-free wheelchair, and accessibility training video games- all center around empowering confidence in the lives of individuals through accessibility technology. Located on the UCF campus in Orlando, Florida, Limbitless Solutions provides undergraduate students a chance to engage in the lab, expand their professional development, and work together to create a more inclusive future.

Press Contacts

Get in touch with our public relations and branding team:

For public relations and press related inquiries, please contact our public relations email. For a more immediate response, contact one of our team members individually.


Primary Contact


Angie Carloss,
Outreach, Projects, and Logistics Director


Matt Dombrowski,
Creative Director, Affiliated Faculty, School of Visual Arts and Design


Mrudula Peddinti,
Branding and Design Director

Press & Media

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