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Limbitless Solutions took part in the 13th annual Orlando Electronic Interactive Entertainment Convention (Otronicon) at the Orlando Science Center this past weekend. Otronicon is a weekend “celebration” to showcase the latest technology in Central Florida and Limbitless was there to spread their message of accessibility and inclusivity to members of the community.

“Limbitless is always ecstatic to participate in the Orlando Science Center annual Otronicon Event. Otronicon shares a similar mission with Limbitless in their ability to empower children through creativity and STEAM,” School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD) faculty member and Limbitless Art Director Matt Dombrowski said. “Our Limbitless interns and faculty are always so excited to share our story with the next generation of creators, scientists, and makers. We look forward to this event each and every year.”

Limbitless attended Otronicon on days two and three and a number of interns joined some full-time staff to serve as exhibitors at the event. From teachers, students, robotics sponsors, comic book fans and aspiring artists and engineers, Otronicon allowed Limbitless to share their message with a diverse audience.

Not only was the audience at Otronicon diverse, but the team that Limbitless assembled over the two days was as well. Engineering, marketing, interdisciplinary studies, game design, and health sciences majors all came together to share the Limbitless message of #3DHope at this event.

At Otronicon, the Limbitless team displayed the Iron Man and League of Legends 3D bionic arms and the “Bionic Kid Comic”. They even showcased one of the Limbitless training video games, “Magical Savior” which demonstrates how to use the arm’s multiple gestures for anyone that stopped by.

“Seeing Otronicon visitors’ faces light up when they saw how the video game worked was really special,” freshman interdisciplinary studies major and administration intern Delaney McLinden said. “Being hooked up to the EMG sensors and demoing the game at the table, I learned more about how Limbitless’ technology works and had a blast teaching some of the younger kids how to use the magical powers in the game.”

A number of Otronicon attendees were surprised when they learned that it was never really about picking things up and putting them down for the Limbitless bionic kids, but instead about changing the conversation that surrounds limb difference.

“You’ve got Halo, and Iron Man, and some other stuff. For that, kids normally have to wear t-shirts or something. They aren’t going to find prosthetics for any of that,”  Otronicon visitor Bryan Rosander of Orlando said. “But, here, they can get something that really is, not something cool, but that fits them personally.”

Limbitless was at the event for two days last weekend to inform the community about their message and enabled the team to learn more about how the field of technology and art has continued to grow. The weekend served as another example of how there is always something new to learn in the STEAM industry.

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