Meet Julianna

Julianna is a ten year old competitive cheerleader from Texas. However, she was born with a congenital amputation caused by amniotic band syndrome. But this has never kept her from achieving both in the gym and in the classroom. Having seen Limbitless Solutions on the news, her father Clark reached out to the team and asked if they could build her a bionic arm.

Arriving on UCF’s campus, Julianna received her bionic arm in dramatic fashion from the UCF mascot Knightro and the nationally ranked UCF Cheerleading team. Coach Linda Gooch helped orchestrate the one of a kind delivery, and even had a matching uniform ready for Julianna. The cheerleaders encouraged her to keep pursuing her dreams, and are excited to see her continue to grow and cheer.
“We want children to know that there are no limits,” said Albert Manero. “We want them to dream big and then go after it. That’s really important. You can be smart, beautiful, and strong–and do it all here at UCF.”

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