Meet Connor

Connor is a bright 12 year old from Ohio. His passions include swimming when summer weather rolls in and playing video games, he even has his own youtube channel where he creates his own tutorials. Connor was born with a partial left limb due to Amniotic Band Syndrome but it does not stop him from solving the puzzles of his Rubik’s cube collection or whipping up a delicious meal in the kitchen! He has a big heart and would do anything he could do to help someone in need. Connor excels in academics and values the importance of family, citing his older sister as one of his closest companions.

Connor opened his brand new Limbitless Solutions bionic arm on Christmas during our 12 Arms for Christmas delivery in 2015. His sleeve carries characteristics similar to the interface of his favorite video games! Connor’s Limbitless Solutions arm is the first prosthetic he has ever had and it has only helped foster his already strong independence. In September 2016, Connor and his family came to Orlando, Florida to receive a bionic arm with upgraded technology. While visiting our office on the University of Central Florida campus he was able to visit a university dining hall and work alongside one of the distinguished chefs. Inspiration never smelled so good!

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