Meet Anni

Annika “Anni” is a lively 11 year old originally from California who was born with a partially developed right arm. While others may see her condition as a setback she has never let it stand in her way. Her passions include singing, riding horses, dominating on the soccer field and impacting her community by helping special needs kids in her spare time. Anni has also learned to play multiple songs on the guitar. One day she aspires to be either a Marine Biologist or a nurse. Having seen the Iron Man video which features Alex, another bionic kid, her mother Karen reached out to see if Limbitless Solutions could make an arm that would make daily tasks easier.

Anni first received her arm in 2015 at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, while meeting Winter the Dolphin. Her flower arm has a design which involves multiple colors and different types of flowers. Anni’s story shows the world that no matter what, you can still help someone who is in need. It is a story of the girl who exceeded all expectations set in front of her and a person that everyone should look up to.

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