Meet Alex

Alex Pring was born in Florida without most of his right arm. He performed daily activities by making use of his left hand and his mom’s assistance. Questions such as “Have you been bitten by a shark, or was it an alligator?” used to be part of Alex’s daily routine. However, unfriendly comments and jokes from other children never took away Alex’s optimism. Alyson, Alex’s mom, was determined to take action in helping her son. She reached out to students at the University of Central Florida with her dream.

Alex received his first arm in July 2014, and in March 2015 shook hands with Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr). Alex’s story proves to the world that no dream is too small or too big to pursue. The story of the world’s first 3D printed fully bionic arm has been seen all over the world and brought hope to families in need.

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